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4 October
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Okay. So I'm acutally taking the time to write out a bio. Consider yourselves lucky.

I live in NJ, I'm a herion addict(only not)

I love going on long rants about random shit. I do it in my history class all the time.

I hate goths(well, some of them), mostly the ones who pick random fights with me.

I love music. My favorite bands are KMFDM, Rammstein, NIN, Bad Religion, Paul Okenfold, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Sublime, Infected Mushroom...ect.
!@#$%, a clockwork orange, abstract art, acid, alcohol, anime, anne rice, anti-flag, apoptygma berzerk, aqua teen hunger force, arch enemy, bad religion, blow, books, burger king, celldweller, cloud, clubs, combat boots, das ich, das schwarze system, dead kennedys, depeche mode, dj adolf, donnie darko, drawing, drugs, dxm, emo boys, en esch, enya, eric harris, eyes, flogging molly, front 242, front line assembly, frontline assembly, frou frou, funker vogt, gackt, germany, godbox, godhead, goteki, gravity kills, greatful dead, guenter schulz, hanzel und gretyl, hate, hendrix, hippies, history, hobbes, hot stoners, i feel sick, idiot stoners, in flames, industrial, infected mushroom, inkubus sukkubus, insence, internet, invader zim, ireland, jefferson airplane, jhonen vasquez, johnny the homicidal maniac, jpop, jrock, jthm, juno reactor, kmfdm, kurt cobain, lords of acid, love, lsd, malice mizer, mass murder, mdfmk, mdma, megaherz, megalomania, morrisey, moulin rouge, movies, music, necromantik sunshine, nin, nirvana, nova mortuba, nyc, oakland, opium, orgy, paintings, paul oakenfold, pig, pink floyd, pipes, placebo, pot, powerman 5000, prodigy, psychedelic drugs, psysex, punk rock, radiohead, rammstein, rants, rasputina, raves, razed in black, sarcasm, scottland, seigmen, sex, skinheads, skinny puppy, skold, slayer, sow, squee, stun gun, sublime, techno, the clash, the cruxshadows, the cure, the damned, the doors, the dropkick murphys, the mars volta, the misfits, the pixies, the smiths, the specials, the spot, the wall, tool, trance, velvet acid christ, waffen ss, war, weapons, weed, wolfsheim, wumpscut, wwiii, yellow submarine, z?